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Gastronomy has always enjoyed a privileged position in our country among the leisure options available in the market. But, like any of them, in recent years this field has undergone a clear evolution with the aim of adapting to the demands of a public that understands gastronomy as a sensory experience. In general, this type of project involves a truly significant economic outlay for the diner. Even, in some cases, almost unattainable.

Faced with this increase in demand from diners in search of new experiences, the idea arose to raise the concept of a gastronomic restaurant to a new level.  The challenge of merging gastronomy with a unique and multisensory experience, as well as being economically accessible.


To solve this challenge, we came up with the concept of synesthesia, which describes the ability of some people to “see sounds” or “hear colors”, a fertile territory where the senses interchange and each stimulus reinforces the others. This is why at Sinestesia diners will be able to “taste colors”, creating a restaurant capable of providing the diner with an immersive, technological and memorable dining experience.

Throughout the evening, participants, seated around a single table in the room, will go through different thematic blocks inspired by and dedicated to the main colors that make up the rainbow, one by one. In each of them, a combination of avant-garde recipes, music, evocative spoken messages, projections on the environment and different interactions with the dishes themselves, will encourage diners to mix different sensory perceptions and share unique moments shaped by flavors, aromas, colors, messages and sounds.

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