To present the new Jaguar E-Pace in an original way that would arouse the interest and attendance of its main target audience: upper class women between 35 and 45 years old.


The concept: “Feel the road as your own catwalk”. We created a fashion collection with designs inspired by the attributes of the vehicle and the brand: “Disturb the Pace Collection”. Exclusive outfits were created with pieces by designers from Elche for the catwalk that simulated a road, where each dress changed colour and intensity depending on the attribute of the vehicle with which it was associated. The lighting and live music (chosen specifically for the event) served as a common thread to tell the story of the new car. A new Jaguar model that, as a finale to the show, burst onto the catwalk.

Creamos una carretera-pasarela donde se desarrollaría el desfile y la presentación del nuevo modelo de Jaguar E-Pace.

Todo el evento estuvo conducido por la iluminación especiealmente diseñada y amenizado por la vanguardista actuación del violinista.

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