AZORÍN 2018.



Generate a differential Azorín Novel Prize Gala to highlight the value and literary quality that surrounds the award and the publishing house that promotes it. Linked to the main raison d’être and emblem of these awards: Azorín.


Unlike Spanish intellectuals and writers, for whom musical art meant nothing at the time, Azorín – influenced by his close friendship with Manuel de Falla and his muse Pastora Imperio – defined music as “the most spiritual of the arts”. That is why, for this edition, we wanted music to return the compliment to his literature. The concept: The symphony of words. A communication axis, linked to the influence of music in the author’s life, designed to give value to Azorín’s legacy and the great symphonies and masterpieces of literature that year after year are recognized as the most important ones.

Se creó un ciclorama de 30 minutos de duración con ilustraciones de Sagar Forniés. Una proyección de más de 200 m2 al ritmo del Amor Brujo de Manuel de Falla.

Como obsequio final se entregó una batuta fabricada en impresora 3D que animaba al visitante a dirigir su propia historia.

Se mapearon los libros ganadores de ediciones anteriores sobre una pila de libros corpórea que formó nuestro atril. Un mapeado que cambiaba en función del momento de la gala.

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