Social Responsibility

It is very easy to say that you are a socially responsible company. But actually, being one takes a lot more work.

In our case we consider it an integral part of our business model. An element of our DNA as fundamental to who we are as strategy or creativity. An “Inherent Social Responsibility”, which inspires us to be partners and signatories of the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact, and to implement a Code of Ethics, a Social Commitment plan, a Work-Life Balance Plan, a Training Plan, an Equality Plan, a Volunteering Plan or an Ethical Management Policy.

Likewise, to be part of a series of associations and entities that share with us values and objectives linked to the contribution of social value.

Therefore, it is natural to find ourselves supporting projects associated with causes such as equality, support for cancer survivors, environmental awareness or help for groups at risk of exclusion, among many others.

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