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Miniland is a toy company that has been developing products capable of combining fun and didactics for over 35 years, accompanying parents, educators and children on their journey of growth. A fact that the brand wanted to make clear through a new communication initiative that would make these values evident.


We decided to shape it based on one main insight: in general, children hardly have the chance to interact with children from other groups or with different abilities. Something that, according to psychologists, limits their ability to feel tolerance, respect and empathy towards those who are different. This is the origin of “Playing Together”, an initiative that resulted in the realization of different children’s workshops in which boys and girls between 3 and 6 years old with different abilities participated together. In them, games with dolls were used as a tool for them to socialize, learn, develop and have fun developing skills that will help them in the future to live together in a plural society.

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