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The correct state of cleanliness of any urban centre or municipality is never the sole responsibility of the entities awarded the cleaning services: to achieve this, the commitment of each citizen is fundamental.

UTE Alicante has long been committed to launching communication campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness among citizens of the importance of adopting correct cleaning habits to achieve the aforementioned objective.

The approach of a new campaign in this sense faces the challenge of launching a differentiating message within a thematic area widely dealt with in previous campaigns.


To give an answer to the question that lies at the heart of the matter: Why have we all, at one time or another, fallen into some of the bad habits that litter our city? An answer that, to be honest, all citizens know: BECAUSE IT’S CONVENIENT FOR US.

Yes, we decided to be honest. Sometimes, “doing it wrong” has advantages. Individual ones, but it does. So we decided to acknowledge that and to contrast those individual advantages with the disadvantages for the city and its inhabitants as a whole. Around this central idea we developed the different campaign supports.

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