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The arrival of the state of alarm associated with the pandemic caused by Sars-Cov2 not only affected our work, cultural or leisure routine from day one: it also took its toll on our psychological well-being. The confinement and the necessary restrictions to slow down the advance of the virus, added to the feelings of fear and uncertainty associated with the unprecedented nature of the situation, led to feelings of boredom, loneliness or monotony. With this context in mind, the need arose to develop an initiative capable of making the quarantine period bearable and bringing people together.


Bringing together leading online poets around a challenge on the social network Instagram. The project “Inversos” challenged them to express the moments and sensations caused in people by quarantine. Thus, each of the participating poets (including Jota Santatecla, César Brandom and Raquel Beck) had to contribute a poem based on this theme, inviting another poet to join the chain. The works developed in this “Chain of Poetry in Quarantine” will be compiled after the Covid-19 crisis, remaining as a particular testimony of a critical and historical period for our country and for the world in general. A sentimental chronicle nourished by moments, sensations and insights that in the future can complement and put an emotional context to the data and information collected by the chronicles or history books.

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