Forest Chemical.

Audiovisual, Branding, Strategy


Forest Chemical is a leading company in the manufacture of high-performance industrial hot melt adhesives, with research and development of new products as its main key to responding to the needs of customers in each sector (agriculture, wineries, ceramics, canning, meat, bags). In addition to its ability to offer custom-made adhesive solutions, the company is constantly improving its commonly used products to offer the customer a sustainable hot melt adhesive with the highest performance, minimum consumption and longest durability on the market.


To position Forest Chemical in the field of precision adhesives. Those that are not only innovative and cutting-edge: they are suitable and specifically designed for each customer, situation and specific project. After all, being experts in adhesives means being clear about one thing: not all joints are the same. Hence the importance of finding the optimum solution: the right one. Something we wanted to summarize in the concept of “The Right Bonding”. Three words that not only define the way Forest Chemical develops its products, but also the way it understands its relationships with customers, employees, society and the environment.

A creative axis that we work to reflect through a comprehensive restyling of the brand that covers corporate image, web, audiovisual pieces, direct marketing mailings, etc..

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