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Cafés Tavira, one of the leading coffee brands in the Levante region, was celebrating its 25th anniversary. An opportunity that was identified as crucial to increase both brand recognition and its reputation in its area of operation.

In recent times, the primary communication campaigns related to the coffee universe have inevitably been linked to new consumption habits, primarily the growing domestic use of single-dose capsules. The challenge was to highlight the Tavira brand, historically associated with the more social and emotional aspects of coffee.


Position Cafés Tavira in the realm where they truly shine: cafés. Authentic gathering points where people experience all kinds of conversations, moments, and reunions, with “meeting for coffee” as the main and wonderful excuse. A distinctive message in the midst of the personal coffee makers boom and a great way to emphasize the human and emotional value of a beverage that has always been much more than just a drink.

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