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300 Digital Evolution Consulting is a consulting firm that aims to lead the implementation of Hyper-automation and Next-Gen Digital Transformation solutions in large companies and organizations. With the best team and the best technologies, its purpose is to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by digital environments to transform its clients into more agile, efficient, productive and profitable companies.

The challenge was to consolidate the project through a branding and strategic positioning exercise that would make it shine.


300 Digital Evolution Consulting is a consulting firm that has its sights set on key concepts such as hyper-automation, efficiency, technology and digitalization. Inspired by this fact, we decided to develop a visual code as digital as the company itself. To do so, we created a plot with a series of resources that, inspired by “robotic cells”, ended up forming a fluid and dynamic design (logo).

Thus, we obtained a brand up to the challenge and applicable to all kinds of spaces, ideas and communication initiatives that have 300 DEC at their core.

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