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CustomSuits, a consulting firm specializing in the creation and management of flexible workspaces, proposes the relaunch of the emblematic Panoramis building, located in the Port of Alicante.

The project envisages converting the current facilities into new coworking spaces, traditional offices, an auditorium for holding conventions and meetings, and a series of leisure and lifestyle spaces that complement and enrich the business activity carried out in the new space.


To develop the name and personality of the new Panoramis being faithful to the philosophy of the new project. To position it and make it attractive, taking into account the international, national and local vocation that is at its base. But, above all, the main elements that make it truly unique: the Mediterranean, its status as a meeting point and professional interaction, its immediate geographical environment and the Mediterranean lifestyle, a key aspect in the conception of a new workspace that invites visitors to “Work as we live”.

The development of the naming of the project and the aesthetic conceptualization of its spaces and communication supports has revolved around this strategic approach.

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