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After some years living a progressive decadence, the facilities of the Bassa-El Moro Shopping Centre, located in Elda-Petrer, become the headquarters of a new and ambitious project that seeks to reinvent and revive this space, recovering it for the citizens and making it attractive for new brands and shops.

The need then arises to develop the characteristics of the new centre from both a strategic-conceptual and aesthetic point of view. To comprehensively lay the foundations of a new identity from which the new centre can begin to address its different audiences with a confident, attractive and coherent voice.


The general feeling among the citizens of the area coincides in pointing out a central fact: nothing has been happening in the old shopping center for a long time. That is precisely the main reason for its decline. And, of course, the opposite of what its new managers have in mind.

Based on this, we proposed that the spirit of the new project should revolve around another fact that will redefine the spirit of the space forever: things are going to start happening in it. A lot of things. A fact that we wanted to make evident from the new name of the shopping centre itself: DYNAMIA.

A naming that suggests movement. Activity. Two elements that are very present both in the signage and in the various communication supports and in its new voice: fresher and more spontaneous.

Based on the positioning “Smart Shopping. Smart Fun” positioning, the new shopping centre is proposed as an intelligent commercial and leisure offer capable of complementing the offer of existing shops and services in the surrounding area.

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