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Sport Tono is currently among the top 20 companies in the sports sector in Spain, which makes it have a great recognition by suppliers and continues to want to expand its business and provide quality service at all levels.

In this context, and on the occasion of the launch of its e-commerce Privee Sport, we propose the development of a communication campaign that has a special impact on the online environment. A campaign that presents the positioning of its new brand, differentiating it from competitors such as Decathlon or Sprinter, setting a tone and a differential communication style.


To equalize the effort commonly associated with the world of sport to the economic effort that, in general, is usually necessary when acquiring sports equipment. Something that, given the pricing policy of Priveé Sport, in its new e-commerce does not happen at all.

Around the creative concept “Sport without Effort” a series of audiovisuals and supports were developed around specific themes and days of special commercial significance, using a close tone diametrically opposed to the epic harangues and the eagerness to overcome commonly used by sports brands.

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