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At first glance, FC Intercity is a third-rate football team like any other. But it is not. Because, since its birth, it has done things differently. For starters, because it got its initial funding through Equity Crowdfunding. And also because of another great little detail: it will be the first Spanish football team to be listed on the stock exchange.


The different campaign concepts play with the involvement and feelings that we all associate with the fans of a team, and replaces them unexpectedly with a series of feelings and considerations derived from a truly novel fact: if you buy FC Intercity shares, you will not only “be Intercity” but, in many aspects, Intercity will be yours.
The copys developed for the different campaign supports are based on this differential value to merge the financial world and the world of football in a surprising way. Using humour as a meeting point between two worlds that are much closer than it may seem at first glance.

Histórico para el fútbol español: el Intercity ya cotiza en Bolsa

La salida a bolsa del Intercity CF es un “campanazo” en el fútbol español

El CF Intercity hace historia: primer club español que cotiza en bolsa

Luz verde a la salida a bolsa del primer equipo español de fútbol, el Intercity

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