The CEV proposed holding an extraordinary assembly in the Aula Magna of the University of Castellón. This assembly had the particularity of having the visit and participation of a guest of true exception: His Majesty King Felipe VI, who would join a large representation of the confederation and the business community of the Valencian Community.

Taking into account both the basic characteristics of this event and the socio-economic context in which it is enclosed, the possibility of framing it within a theme that helps to differentiate it from other assemblies in use and provides added value.


Inevitably, the celebration of an assembly of these characteristics has a lot of reflection. Of review to the reality of a sector on which the economy of an entire community depends. Thus, they not only share all that has been achieved. Also those challenges that need to be faced to grow. To move forward. Or even, as has become evident in recent months: to resist.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the efforts of certain groups during the pandemic had been recognized by a simple gesture that had reached the nature of a symbol: applause.

Curiously, that emotional show of affection and support had an expiry date. After comforting health workers and essential services for the first few months, they disappeared. From one day to the next. Literally. Which led us to make the following reflection: Was there all the applause that was deserved?

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