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In recent years, Cantabria Labs, a company specialized in the research, development, and marketing of pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic products, has forged a strong collaboration with Rafa Nadal, the most prominent Spanish tennis player of all time. This year, that collaboration takes a new direction with the launch of an innovative product line called NDL Pro Health.

Within this context, there was a recognized need to conceptualize and plan the presentation event for this new range, ensuring its memorability and relevance.


Taking the claim of the new brand, “Train for life,” as a starting point, an event was conceived that took place at the “Museo del Traje” in Madrid.

This event, which we designed and produced at GrupoIdex, was carefully crafted to reflect the essence of the project through a fresh and dynamic approach. It had the particularity of being conceived as a late-night show, allowing for a more authentic connection with the audience.

The event featured the presence of the Mallorcan tennis player and brand ambassador, as well as personalities from the world of sports, business, and Spanish society.

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