With the Innovation Banking Hack Fest, Banco Sabadell is seeking university students, or graduates with innovative ideas that can help improve any type of operation involving monetary transactions in any environment (payments, purchases, information about your accounts, enhancement in payment platforms like Bizum, usability of vending machines, etc.


Taking the concept “We make it happen” as a starting point, an event was conceived that attracted over 100 university students. During this meeting, participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment specially designed around one of the fundamental pillars of computer science: source code.

The experience not only allowed participants to become familiar with the technical aspects of software development but also encouraged interaction and the exchange of knowledge among attendees, creating an environment conducive to collaborative learning and the active exploration of underlying principles of computer science. This event aimed not only to inform but also to inspire students, reinforcing the idea that they, as a community, have the power to turn ideas into reality.

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