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Martinelli reached out to us with a very clear challenge: to propose an action that would promote their flagship store on Calle Velázquez in Madrid. Considering that Martinelli is a benchmark in elegance, the best idea was to associate it with another reference in the same category, and what better than the celebrity who gives the street its name, Velázquez, the artist.


However, what does Velázquez have to do with footwear? Well, quite a bit, as it turns out. Because we noticed something very interesting: in none of the paintings where Velázquez portrayed himself, his shoes are visible… This led us to ask a very simple question: what were they like?

To answer this question, we proposed an initiative to Martinelli that involved designing and manufacturing the footwear that is never seen in the paintings of the Sevillian painter, drawing inspiration from his figure and his work but updating it and imbuing it with all the distinctive values of Martinelli. In other words, a contemporary design inspired by a classic. Something in complete harmony with Martinelli’s values.

Around the design and production of “Velázquez’s shoes,” we suggested a series of actions to amplify the impact of the initiative. This included an unveiling event attended by the press and influencers, as well as a social media campaign featuring various stories and posts with some of the campaign’s key messages.

In essence, this initiative allowed us to associate the terms “Martinelli” and “Velázquez” in a different and memorable way, providing us with the opportunity to showcase Martinelli as a classic brand with the ability to innovate in an elegant and, even, unexpected manner.

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