Every year the newspaper “El Información” celebrates “Los Importantes”, an event that recognizes and values the talent, actions and contributions to the Alicante society of entities, personalities and professionals in fields such as scientific research, innovation, entrepreneurship, environment, art, culture and sport.

In 2024, the 39th edition of the renowned awards has been celebrated, marking almost 40 years of work and evolution, so the gala had to live up to expectations.


For the 39th edition, we aimed to make innovation the main component of the event. A technological concept designed to give a cutting-edge feel that immerses attendees in the most current part of the journal.

With the goal of providing an immersive experience, we developed a stage design featuring a suspended screen with an ellipse effect capable of creating a three-dimensional effect, accompanied by all the scenic elements that are part of the event (audiovisuals, photocall…) that transport to a futuristic stage.

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