The CEV (Business Confederation of the Valencian Community) celebrates its 40+1 anniversary. A new stage in search of excellence in the representation and defence of the business interests of its members before the public authorities and society in general. A progress that has served to consolidate the great values and principles that characterize the Valencian business sector.


The CEV carries out its work with objectives such as fostering what is ours, promoting development for the benefit of the general interest and promoting creation and progress. These are the objectives of the CEV and, moreover, of all good culture.

However, on this occasion, we are not talking about literature, cinema, theatre, art or music. We are talking about the culture of values, attributes and principles representative of the business community of the Valencian Community. We are talking about the business culture that the CEV promotes and, above all, represents. A culture that we wanted to pay tribute to, in this act of celebration, within the framework of the Valencian business union.

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