AWARD 2023.



Each year the European Patent Office (EPO) organizes the European Inventor Award, which recognize inventors who have made a significant contribution to innovation, economic growth and building a safer and more sustainable society.

The awards began in 2006 and have been held in a different city each year since then. In 2023 the gala was held in Valencia with 150 people in attendance.


For the 2023 edition, which was broadcast live on television channels such as RTVE from the Palacio de las Comunicaciones in Valencia, the German agency in charge of its execution, Vok Dams, counted on us to carry out the direction, production and technical coordination, where we also provided the audiovisual resources, the management and execution of the event. A combination that achieved the perfect harmony with the rest of the key areas, resulting in an event that continued to value the new generations “Tomorrow Shapers”.

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