Porsche Taycan.



PORSCHE has always been a pioneering brand that has managed to sculpt its personality by making the fusion of tradition and innovation a true roadmap. The current moment of the brand poses a five-year strategic horizon that reiterates and reinforces this spirit, embarking on a project defined as “Shaping the future of the Sportscar”, capable of redefining an entire category by combining the history, quality and values of the brand with innovative technologies that also allow it to ensure sustainability.

The presentation of the Porsche Taycan (the brand’s first fully electric car) at Centro Porsche Alicante required an event to match.


Take the concept associated with the model “Soul, Electrified”, and inspire the approach of the different spaces and moments in it. Thus, bathed in an omnipresent electric blue, the arrival at the event posed a “timeline” in which guests could go through the trajectory of the brand until reaching the new stage of it. A performance by a musician playing a piece on a spectacular electric saxophone served as a prelude to the presentation of the model, after which guests could enjoy a gin bar where drinks were served that, under the black light, also revealed an electric blue color, as well as a light painting photocall.

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