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The Generalitat Valenciana council contacted us to publicize the “Vive Comunitat Valenciana” Plan, which is a plan to promote the construction of 10.000 new public housing units by 2027, aimed at anyone who needs a home, and which will generate more than 74.000 jobs directly or indirectly over the next 4 years. To publicize this, they requested the creation of a brand and the production of primo videos to reach different audiences.


Under the claim “A solution as big as a house”, referring to the magnitude of the problem, which requires a solution at the same level, we designed the brand using the V of VIVE, in reverse, as the roof of a house, using as color palette the blue tones of the sea that bathe our Mediterranean Coast. Two videos were made, one with an emotional speech and the other with a pragmatic exposition of the plan, which shows in an agile, direct and schematic way the data, figures and benefits of the VIVE project. In this way, the message “Live in a Community with housing for all” is stronger than ever.

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