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ElPozo asked us to produce an audiovisual piece, but the request was far from what is understood as a simple brand video. The objective was to create one that was capable of bringing together a large number of their products.

The intention was to be able to identify each of ElPozo’s product families on their own, independently, but at the same time, we had to unify them under the name of the main brand: El Pozo.

Thus, the new El Pozo project was born, a brand that is distinguished by many things and that is defined by its claim: “One more of the family”.


This claim was the trigger for our proposal and on which we based ourselves to carry out a script in which we personified each of the brands, giving them a unique personality and very specific values.

We managed to identify the brands with a member of the family, depending on the target’s age, lifestyle, tastes and hobbies.

This audiovisual piece has helped us to generate the idea that each ElPozo brand is not just a simple brand, but another member of this great family.

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