Destinia has been offering its customers a pioneering online travel agency model for more than two decades, focusing on simplicity, immediacy and innovation in its proposals as three of its main values. Today, after exploring areas such as space travel and cryptocurrency payments, the brand proposed to take advantage of the increasing popularity of audio formats to develop a series of easy-to-use guides capable of providing value to its travellers.


The proposed format is based on a clear insight: we have less and less time for everything. That includes planning our trips.

So our podcast is based on a simple and straightforward promise: it will take just 10 minutes to discover the main keys and tips associated with a destination. With these premises, we developed various Destinia Guides: London in 10 Minutes, Egypt in 10 Minutes, Berlin in 10 Minutes, Amsterdam in 10 Minutes, etc. A series of audio clips by Juan Ramón Lucas that immerse the listener in each destination, only covering what they really need to know. The essential. No time wasted.

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