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Faced with the worst year in the history of tourism in the province of Alicante due to the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the sector in the province, the Costa Blanca tourist destination is at a key moment in which it has to compete with other destinations with agility, responsiveness and versatility.

In this context, HOSBEC (Business, Hotel and Tourism Association of the Valencian Community) proposes the need to adopt a communication strategy that takes into account the pandemic situation and restore the confidence of potential visitors. A versatile, modern and differential proposal that positions and differentiates the Costa Blanca destination by tone, message and adaptability.


Take the collective thought “I need a holiday”, associated with that feeling that surfaces when the pressures of everyday life start to become excessive and boost it. Boost it because 2020 has not been a normal year: the levels of stress, depression and overwhelm have skyrocketed in the population to record highs. So much so, that we asked ourselves a question: What if this year a holiday is not enough? What if this year you need something more? What if that something is the Costa Blanca?

Around this idea we structured a communication campaign differentiated by an optimistic tone and the use of a specific jingle composed for the occasion.

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