European University, a network of private universities with multiple national and international campuses, known for its 200+ collaboration agreements and education focused on the demands of the current and future job market, presents the challenge of creating a podcast centered around alumni that reflects the values and success of the European University in their professional journeys.


To shape this podcast, we start with the main representative element of the European University, its bridge. A structure that has witnessed numerous crossings by hundreds of students beginning or concluding their university journey. Students who chose to go beyond, taking a firm step in their careers, achieving their goals and objectives.

Thus, through eight episodes, the podcast “Crossing the Bridge. The Value of Going Beyond” aims to share with listeners the experiences of those alumni who have become outstanding professionals in their respective fields linked to the European University. This is accomplished through intimate and rigorous conversations where guests share personal details, anecdotes, and key moments that shaped their entire trajectory. Each story is accompanied by a distinctive sound design tailored to the uniqueness of each narrative.


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