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Coordinating with the celebration of the “La Alcazaba Awards”, which recognize talent in film, music, sports, and culture in our country, and in collaboration with ElPozo King, the most creative and disruptive line from El Pozo aimed at the younger audience, GrupoIdex undertook the challenge of demystifying the public’s perception of artists. To achieve this, we went beyond the typical scenes of red carpets and catwalks by creating the videopodcast “Detrás del Telón.”


Presented by actor Adrián Expósito, the project addressed fundamental topics such as success, failure, social media, fame management, and mental health, among many others, alongside Antonio Resines, Julián López, Recycled J, Michelle Calvó, Nona Sobo, Julia Medina, Andrea Guasch, Rosco, Tati Ballesteros, Carmen Sánchez, and Gloria Ramos.

In this way, “Detrás del Telón” positioned itself as an open window into the hearts and minds of artists, revealing the other reality hidden behind lights, spotlights, and cameras. All of this through an intimate journey aiming to inspire, motivate, and remind all listeners and viewers that behind every actor, singer, or artist, there is a person and a story that also deserves to be told.


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