IMED Elche celebrates its tenth anniversary. A breakthrough that marks the need for the company to launch various communication actions that highlight the value of the milestone involving the different agents and profiles of interest to the hospital and the social set of the province. 10 years of a hospital that has stood out in the city of Elche for what truly makes it unique: its innovative model. A private hospital model that is a national benchmark for many reasons.


We propose the creation of a communication axis designed to highlight the 10th anniversary of IMED Elche enhancing the differential elements that make up the totality of its offer. Affirming that it is a hospital that has everything that any hospital should have (in terms of technology, specialists, agility, comprehensiveness, facilities, technical equipment, design, spaciousness, food, etc.).

An axis that, in addition, highlights and emphasizes the citizen and society as a whole with the “you”. Not talking about hospitals in general (As a hospital should be), but the hospital they deserve and would like to have (As “your” hospital should be). A “You” that goes much further than a simple axis. Because it has been the active listening and continuous contact with our patients, their families, our employees and our environment what has made IMED Elche the hospital it is today.

That is why we have created “The other consultation”: A series of interviews to different profiles of the society of Elche and the province in a real consultation but where the tables are turned. If it has always been the patients who consulted the specialists, now we are going to be the ones who consult society.

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