The Salvetti Palace begins to tell its story in 1887. An authentic architectural jewel in the city of Alicante. A look into the future in times of change and economic and social turmoil, which reopens its doors to offer its guests a premium and unique experience in the epicenter of the city.


Based on the original plans of the Casa Palacio of 1887 and its first photographs, a corporate identity was created, completely inspired by the original architecture of the building and its main representative elements. Likewise, the history of the building and of the Salvetti family was researched in detail in order to propose, as an element of value, that this history could be used to go a step further in our branding exercise, adapting it throughout the different rooms.

For the construction of the logo we based ourselves on the façade of the building and its most representative element: the 4-pointed star. A star that will act as the emblem of the Suites because of its close relationship with one of its main selling values: its excellent geographical location. Always placing Palazzo Salvetti in the centre of the city and at the centre of everything.

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