Panter is a leading company in the manufacture of safety footwear, protection and uniforms, 100% Spanish. For over 35 years it has been committed to quality and ongoing improvement, improving the health and comfort of users thanks to its investments in R+D+i.

Its presence at SICUR 2020, one of the leading trade fairs in the security sector, required the design of a stand that would make the brand’s main innovations and technologies shine.


To plan a stand whose space was limited by using each of the brand’s star products (ECOLÓGICO, LAYSMART, ARMOTEX and STICKLITE) as walls that gave them prominence and optimised their visibility from the outside of the stand.

Inside, the focus was on open spaces that encouraged traffic and access to customer meeting areas. In the same way, a combination of audiovisual pieces and demonstrative supports were used to highlight both the advantages of Panter footwear and the characteristics of the technology developed to achieve them.

El gran hallazgo de la tecnología “Confort Extremo” consiste en haber modificado el orden habitual de las capas de la plantilla, configurándolas de tal manera que el pie jamás pise directamente la capa antiperforación, multiplicando la comodidad.
Denominación: sonora con evocaciones tecnológicas.

El hilo de poliuretano empleado en la tecnología PUTEK se entrelaza en tela de alta resistencia para conseguir un tejido de una resistencia prácticamente inédita. Aplicada al calzado, constituye una verdadera barrera. Casi, una armadura.
Denominación: rotunda que transmite seguridad y rigor.

El cambio de materiales que esta tecnología propone hace posible lograr una suela más fina, ligera y flexible. Y, con ello, hacerla mucho más antideslizante.
Denominación: dinámica y cercana.

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