At Miniland, they have been developing toys and products for over 50 years to help mothers, fathers, and educators nurture children and enable them to reach their full potential. They focus on educational toys that promote respect, tolerance, and diversity in childhood. Additionally, Miniland is one of the first brands to introduce a collection of dolls with functional diversity. Based on this, the toy company from Alicante posed the challenge of promoting their line of dolls with different origins, genders, and functional diversities through an awareness campaign in Madrid for Universal Children’s Day.


And if we think about it, there’s always a first in everything. A pioneer who paves the way, an explorer who embarks on a new adventure, or a brand that opened the market for inclusive toys that promote respect and tolerance through play.

That’s why, with the claim “Pioneers in including inclusion” and the intention to showcase their collection of inclusive dolls while emphasizing their commitment to childhood, diversity, and values, the dolls strolled through the main streets of Madrid in a transparent truck. They visited ten iconic locations that are pioneers in achieving some curious milestone or memorable event.

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