Next Energy 21 Presentation

On February 23rd, José Morales and Juan Carlos Garrido, founding partners of the company, presented Next Energía 21, the renewable energy company from Alicante. Over the past year, it has achieved a turnover of over 10 million euros and has Fonsi Nieto as its ambassador.

At the event, organized by Grupoidex, José Morales and Juan Carlos Garrido spoke, highlighting, ‘We are in a broad market monopolized by major energy companies, so now more than ever, our role in seeking the best price for our clients is crucial. We are committed to renewable energies that do not entail excessive costs and strive to maintain it over time. We know this is the way forward, and we will continue working to stay on this path.

Similarly, Fonsi Nieto stated that he strongly identifies with the values of the company, which is the main reason he decided to participate in the project. He concluded his remarks by commenting, ‘Both José and Juan Carlos have overcome many challenges in carrying out this initiative. It’s really inspiring to see how they strive and give their all with enthusiasm and dedication to offer the best to their clients day after day.’

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